Sunday, December 16, 2018

[Science study game] A useful app for chemistry classes. "Beaker by THIX"

[Science study game] A useful app for chemistry classes. "Beaker by THIX"

Science teachers need to prepare a lot for experiments with chemicals.
You must do a lot to prevent accidents that may occur during class.
At the end of the lesson, you will also have to work for the chemicals you use.

Introduce an app that allows you to replace a simple chemical experiment with a smartphone.


BEAKER turns your device into, while, a beaker 
where you can explore 150+ chemicals anywhere, anytime.

With the mind-blowing physics simulation,
you can shake it up, light up a match,
or even tilt your device to dump everything out,
without worrying about making a mess.

150 Chemicals
Explore 150 chemicals from liquid, solid to gas.
Drop a piece of Sodium into water, burn a pile of Magnesium and much more...

Pro Tools
BEAKER is equipped with 9 handful lab tools
to assist your experiment.
Burn chemicals with a match,
mix solution with a blender,
or use meter to monitor your experiment.

2 copy.png
The revolutionary AirMix feature lets you
pour chemicals from one device into another wirelessly.
No setup nor purchase needed.
Put two devices close to each other to connect automatically.
Then you are good to go. 

Real-time Formulas
The best way to learn is to see.
When you drop something that triggers a reaction,
the equation will show up right after a reaction started.

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Dig Deeper
The Meter tool shows all chemical data in real-time.
So you can observe the mechanics
that drives every chemistry reaction
in detailed numbers and sophisticated context.

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