Thursday, November 15, 2018

WhatsApp sticker on IOS will be difficult to use.

WhatsApp sticker on IOS will be difficult to use.
Many of the WhatsApp sticker apps I've created have all been rejected.
Registered apps have also been removed.
The reason is that there are many apps that use similar features.
I used the sample provided by WhatsApp, but Apple did not allow it.
Many developers are currently discussing this.
Their conclusion is that WhatsApp should present a new approach.
We have to wait.
WhatsApp will offer alternatives or Apple will accept it.
It is said that frequent Apple protests can be disadvantageous.
I will wait and watch.

Here are some other developers posting on this issue:

sguidobono commented 8 days ago
I just talked on the phone with an Apple app store representative.

And they told me that it does not matter if there are other applications that contain "Stickers for WhatsApp" in their title. Or use the same code.

They will never accept my application with this code.

Because there are already similar applications and because adding WhatsApp stickers is a very unusable functionality for an application.

They told me that I should change the concept of it.

Clearly WhatsApp did not contemplate this when it shared the code. We will have to wait.

cartoonsmart commented 23 hours ago
Hey guys, I've talked with Apple Review at length about stickers in general. Bottom-line, more than one sticker pack per developer is one too many. I had around 200 at one point, now its down to one container pack. I tried hard to keep just a handful of them (especially since those particular ones had a solid user base).

This isn't about one particular reviewer not approving something (or not listening to you), it's a total restructuring of the App Store. I've got a few games in the store as well, and I'm just waiting for the eventual Connect message that says they are Design Spam. And if that day comes, I've got to decide if its worth my time to combine those games into a single container app, or just say, screw it, its not worth it. If I decide the latter, well, that sucks for those buyers that one day want to restore those games, and it sucks I spent a lot of time way-back-when building those games, but the end decision was on me to not make a container.

So regarding WhatsApp... Apple isn't going to re-flood the store like they did in 2016 with sticker packs. If they won't do it for Messages stickers, they sure aren't going to for WhatApp stickers.

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