Sunday, November 4, 2018

Step4: How do I register a new app in the Apple Store?

Did you register your bundle ID on the Apple developer site?
So now you have to register a new app on the Apple Connect site.
You must complete this process before you create and upload an app in Xcode.

Go to the site and click on the first "MY App".

Next, click the "+" in the upper left corner. And "New App".

 -App name: Record using uppercase and lowercase letters. Spacing is possible.
 -Default language: Select the language to use.
 -Bundle ID: Select the bundle ID registered on the developer site.
 -SKU: Write the code to distinguish your app. You can write app names without spaces.

Select the access rights and click Create.

Has a new app been created in my app?
So now you can upload from Xcode.
I will post on how to record more information about my app next time.

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