Monday, November 26, 2018

A Positive Comment Campaign in class.

A Positive Comment Campaign in class.
In middle schools in Korea, grades required for high school are finalized before December.
After that, the teacher can do various activities for the students in class.

I would like to have students read and write articles on Internet newspapers.
Provide and participate in articles that may be of interest to students.

Nowadays, students lack the ability to read and understand the meaning.
So, students will practice to read a lot of texts.

And students should write positive comments directly on the article.

Many people hurt others with negative comments. I will give a lot of habits to write positive comments to students.

I introduced one site to students before I started the class in earnest.

Site address:

I will introduce Sunfull (positive comment in Korean).

Positive comment campaign
Sunfull Exercise is a global online positive comment campaign that provides encouragement and hope for people with malicious comments posted on websites and social media. We strive to raise public awareness of the damage and suffering that can cause unjustified, malicious comments to victims. We are turning the Internet into a friendly, more civilized public domain.

The Sunfull movement urges the public to respect their lives and the values ​​of others in order to raise public awareness. It strives to change the behavior and mindset of the netizens by encouraging them to post positive and cheerful comments on the Internet website.

Global Internet Peace Movement
Since 2007, Sunfull has worked with hundreds of thousands of people to deliver millions of messages to people who are suffering from cyberbullying, natural disasters, and terrible global affairs, to express their condolences.

The Sunfull Movement, the Global Internet Peace Movement, spreads messages of tide and encouragement in response to global disasters and crises. Past special commentary campaigns have been held on charges of shooting for US Sandy Hook, Sichuan Province, China Earthquake, Paris, France Terrorism, Kumamoto, Japan Earthquake, Australian Wildfire and Maria, Irma, Harvey America Hurricane.

Join Sunfull Exercise
Currently, more than 7,000 schools and organizations are participating in the Sunfull exercise and have more subscriptions each month.

Sunfull Exercise is looking for people from other countries who can introduce Sunfull to schools and communities. The Sunfull approach will help students and communities around the world understand the impact of posting negative feedback to others, and Sunfull's positive feedback will provide hope and encouragement to those who are attacked via the Internet.

Sunfull's vision will contribute greatly to the peace of the world by overcoming barriers to our hearts against others if everyone around the world publishes positive comments and uses the right language.

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