Monday, October 29, 2018

Step 5: Create and upload sticker app with Xcode.

Have you registered a bundle ID?
Is the image file of the sticker and icon ready?
If so, you can now create and upload a sticker app using Xcode.

1. Run Xcode and click "Create a new Xcode project".

2. On the IOS tab, select "Sticker pack app" in "Application".

3. Enter the sticker app name and bundle ID registered on the Apple developer site.
- If you enter "product name" and "Organizatiom identifier", you can see that the bundle ID is automatically generated.
- The automatically created bundle ID must be the same as the bundle ID registered at the developer site.

4. Select the location to save and click "Create".

5. Do not edit any other settings, but select "Stickers.xcstickers" in the left tab.

6. On the second tab, select the "Sticker Pack" folder and drag and drop your sticker image file at once.

7. Click "iMessage App icon" on the "Sticker Pack" folder, and drag and drop the downloaded icon image files one by one to the size.

8. Change the top device to "Generic IOS Device" instead of "iPhone". Next, select "Product" from the menu and select "Archive".

9. Click "Upload to App Store" in the right tab to upload.

10. The next step is to end the upload.

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