Monday, October 15, 2018

Let's make stickers and icons as image file.

The following is a description of the sticker on Apple's official developer site.


Stickers offer a fun, engaging way for people to express themselves in a Messages conversation without typing or using emojis. A sticker is an image or an animation that can be sent or placed on messages, photos, and other stickers to add emphasis and communicate emotion.
Design for expressiveness. People use stickers to visually convey moods and reactions. Strive to deliver stickers that connect with people at an emotional level. Consider incorporating imagery, words, and phrases to add new dimensions to conversations.
Think globally. Messaging is a universal form of communication. Aim for stickers that have broad, international appeal.
Use descriptive image names or provide alternative text labels. Although they aren’t visible onscreen, image names and alternative text labels let VoiceOver audibly describe stickers, making navigation easier for people with visual impairments.
Add vitality through animation. Although stickers can be static images, animated stickers are a great way to impart energy in a conversation. Be sure to use a frame rate high enough to keep motion fluid.
Test placement possibilities. Users can scale, rotate, and place stickers over parts of a conversation. Make sure your stickers are legible against different colors and imagery, regardless of their position or size.
Consider using vibrant colors and transparency. Vivid colors add richness and excitement to a conversation. Transparency allows meaningful placement of stickers onto messages, photos and other stickers.

Sticker Sizes

Messages supports three sticker sizes, which are displayed in a grid-based browser. Pick a size that works best for your content and prepare all of your stickers at that size.

Sticker Formats

Messages supports stickers in the following file formats:

iMessage App and Sticker Pack Icons

Like iOS apps, iMessage apps and sticker packs need recognizable app icons.
Keep the background simple and provide a single focus point. Design an icon with a single, centered point that captures attention at a glance. Include a simple background that doesn’t overpower other icons.
Keep icon corners square. The system applies a mask that rounds icon corners automatically.
Provide different sized icons. Your icon appears in the App Store, Messages, notifications, and Settings.
Please use the above information, make the stickers and icon as image file.
But do not worry about the size of the icons, just make one. We will use a site that automatically creates icons of all sizes.

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